DIY Chevy Bow Tie Emblems Carbon Fiber Overlay Vinyl Black Out Graphic Kit with Snap Off Knife

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Fits Model Year(s):  This is Ideal for Chevy Bowtie Emblems or any smooth surface wrap with endless possibilities including emblems, smart phones, etc. Get the Chevy Bowtie Blackout Kit & Diy Carbon Fiber Kits to cover your emblem & get a free Snap-Off Knife. (Click on the Video Link for a demonstration)


Features: Kit includes one 12"x12" piece of Premium Automotive Grade Carbon Fiber High Performance Wrap Film and a Snap-Off razor knife. This kit should allow you enough film to do the front and rear emblems with extra to spare.


Exterior Durability: 5 to 7 year film High Performance Vinyl


Application Instructions: Application is best if applied in temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees fahrenheit. All adhesive applications must be applied to a clean surface, free of all wax, oil and grease. (See our installation supplies for cleaner.)


NOTE:  Having been in the auto graphics industry since the mid 80's we consider ourselves experts in the field of vinyl. Please see our FAQ section for details on the difference between high performance(cast) and intermediate(calendered) material as well as links for your own research. The details may surprise you.