3M pinstripe tape is still available!

Recently, many folks have been told that 3M no longer makes pinstripe tape.  The automotive paint stores are no longer carrying it and there seems to be a panic for some body shops and auto enthusiasts.

Is it true?  How can that be?

The answer is yes......and no.  How so?  3M has long been producing pinstripe rolls of various sizes and packaging them with the 3M Scotchcal stripe brand but it looks like that is no more.  3M has NOT quit producing the materials used to make automotive pinstriping tape rolls, they just no longer are converting it into pinstriping.

Converting you say?

3M as well as Avery Dennison, Ritrama, and Neschen have been producing pressure sensitive (peel and stick) adhesive vinyls for a long time and continue to do so.  The material is usually cast in 48" wide rolls.  It is then cut down into smaller sizes for ease of handling.  The biggest bulk of pressure sensitive vinyl is used for the signage industry.  It is sold in roll widths of 15, 24, 30 and 48 inch wide to be cut by the sign shop.  These rolls are placed on vinyl cutters that will cut lettering, logos or any other shapes needed for the job.  The excess material is then peeled off (weeded) and then an application tape is applied over the area to keep the lettering spaced apart.  The vinyl material is then installed onto the surface and the application tape is removed.

To manufacture pinstripe rolls, a converter takes one of these bulk rolls and uses equipment to cut the vinyl down into very precise stripe sizes, some single line roll stripes and some multiple line roll striping with specific spacing.  As these machines cut the film down, they also apply an application tape liner over the top of the stripe tape.  This does 2 things.  First, it adds a bulk to the film since the material used for vinyl pinstripe rolls is so thin it will stretch very easily.  Second, it maintains accurate spacing between the stripe lines during installation.  This film is removed once the pinstriping stripe tape is applied to the surface.

Stripeman.com offers 3M pinstripe rolls ready to ship.  We have many different size configurations and colors to choose from.  You can get a color chart HERE that has both 3M stripe tape rolls and Avery pinstriping colors in actual swatches of film.  They are placed on a clear backing so that you can lay them over an existing stripe to match color.\

So...Not to worry, we have auto striping tape rolls to help you with your custom or restoration project.