Can I do this myself?

Absolutely! Most of the items listed in our online catalog have been selected for their ease of use, but we're here to help if you need assistance. We provide installation tips using our installation instruction sheets and videos to help build each customer's confidence and knowledge. If you have any specific questions regarding tips, tricks and installation, feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff as we have 60+ years of combined experience. Reach us via email: sales@stripeman.com


What is the quality of your products?

All products are OEM quality and, in fact, are used by many professional aftermarket installers. High performance automotive grade vinyls and inks are used in the production of graphic kits, stripes and custom decals on our website. Our stripe rolls and graphic kits are manufactured using high performance automotive and marine grade vinyl. And most graphic kits can also be custom cut using Supreme Wrap film. In some cases we will use an intermediate film based on customer request but we prefer to use only high quality materials. This has kept our customers returning time and again for decades.


Should I use soapy water to install my decals?

It is not necessary to use soapy water to install pressure sensitive decals, although it can extend your window of working time tremendously! If you decide to use a soap solution, make sure to use only a drop or two of dish soap to one quart of water. More than this will result in delayed adhesion and very slow installation. If you will be installing decals in the direct sunlight or on a hot surface, use the solution, but make sure to apply a liberal amount on the surface for at least 30-40 seconds in order to cool the surface prior to installation.

 NOTE: The only time you definitely SHOULD NOT use soapy water is when installing any Supreme Wrap film. This film is specifically made with air-release channels to remove air bubbles during installation...so using soapy water will actually trap the moisture into those channels. All Supreme Wrap film requires a DRY installation.


I've installed my decals, but have a few bubbles. How do I fix this?

With high performance vinyls, many small bubbles will actually pass through the material and allow the decal to lay down tight after a short time. If bubbles seem too large, you can puncture them with a needle or pin to release the air.


How long should I wait before washing or waxing my vehicle?

Most installed decals can be considered "cured" in 10-15 days, although there are several factors that determine this. Warm weather/heat will accelerate adhesion as much as cold weather and moisture will slow it. Try to install your decals in a dry environment. Once the decals have been installed, rain will not hurt them. However, automated washing is not recommended for at least 2 weeks. Pressure washing is never recommended as it can damage or completely remove vinyl stripes or decals.


How should I care for my decals?

Taking proper precautions and care of your graphics will assure that you get the full lifespan that the materials can give. Check out the car graphics installation precautions. It is not necessary to wax vinyl decals and graphics to keep them looking good. Many waxes and paint treatment products will have information regarding decal care on their packaging, so read your product labels carefully. DO NOT USE PETROLEUM DISTILLATES ON VINYL PRODUCTS! (Many vehicle waxes contain this chemical.) Simple cleaning is all your decals need in order to stay looking great. We recommend a product called 303 Aerospace Protectant to extend the life of your vinyl stripes and graphics. (Can be found in most auto supply stores.)


Orders and Payment

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal payments.