Reasons Our Vinyl Pinstripe & Decals Beat Dealerships

Reasons Our Vinyl Pinstripe & Decals Beat Dealerships

Buying a new car and want to make it look its best? Stripeman is the best place to get your vinyl car decals and pinstripes for four reasons.

1. Price: Dealerships are notorious for how much they’ll charge you for upgrades. "Hey, get the decals now and you can just add it to your loan!" Problem is, you’ll end up paying twice for their already overpriced upgrade because of the interest over the life of the loan. Crazy, right? It's not uncommon to see the phrase "Appearance Package" on the sticker only to find out your paying between $200 to $275 for a simple 5/16" double line pinstripe. Finance that for 5 - 7 years and you'll be paying $300 or more. Do It Yourself 5/16" pinstripe for less than $30 or let one of our 3M Preferred Graphic Installers do it for you for $75 plus tax out the door. I'm sure there's something special you can do with that extra $200.

Buy from us and get it done for a fraction of the cost, and you’ll probably get it done better because...

2. Quality: Ever hear of a factory recall? It happens all the time because parts fail and factories don’t always get things right. When your factory decal starts to peel, do you think they’re going to call your car back in to get it right? The fact is, that many “factory” graphics are really added on by the dealership using mobile installers... and who knows what materials are being used? They’re not going to take responsibility unless it involves safety or the government forces them to recall.

Decals are what we do, so we stake our reputation on that one aspect. In this case, we know you can do a better job with higher quality than they sometimes will.

3. Selection: What's worse than paying $300 plus for a pinstripe? Paying for it and it's not the color you really wanted. The selection of pinstripes and decal options you’ll get at a dealership is very limited, and it’s almost always a very conservative choice to satisfy the masses. Break away from the crowd and show YOUR true colors with Stripeman vinyl car decals and pinstripes. With our hundreds of colors you can mix and match, because you have the...

4. Freedom: At a dealership, they’re going to sell you what they have, not WHAT YOU WANT! Unless you pay big!

We’re not going to tell you what decals you can put on what vehicle. Granted, there are model specific graphic packages, but there are lots of versatile graphics that will work on a number of applications. If you want purple racing stripes, then you should have purple racing stripes. Right? Unless of course, you want orange racing stripes, or bright green racing stripes or carbon fiber racing stripes…… Make your vehicle YOURS and not THEIRS for an even better price!!