Black Lightning 4x4 Pair

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Fits Model Year(s):  All makes and models
Dimensions:   5" x 15" ( 2 decals in the set)
Features:  These 4x4 decals are printed on high performance vehicle wrap film and are optimized for a DRY installation.
Exterior Durability: 5 to 7 years 

Application Instructions: Application is best if applied in temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees fahrenheit.

1. Make sure to clean surface of all wax, oil and grease (Isopropyl Alcohol will remove most wax).  Do squeaky finger test.
2. Place decal in selected location and secure with masking tape.
3. Apply a tape hinge along one edge of the decal.
4. Remove other tape and swing decal away from surface.
5. Remove back paper liner exposing adhesive and squeegee from the hinge outward.
6. Go over the entire surface firmly with an application squeegee to ensure bond.
7. Carefully remove the protective application masking by pulling parallel with the stripe immediately after application.
8. To assure a permanent bond please allow at least 72 hours in direct sunlight before washing or waxing.