Stripe Rolls

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How should the vehicle surface be prepared for pinstripe tape?

To ensure proper adhesion of the pinstripe tape on vehicles, start by wiping the surface using a damp cloth or soft sponge using a combination of gentle dish detergent and water.  A mixture of water and rubbing alcohol in equal parts (50/50) can be used as a final cleaner. Removing dirt and dust from the vehicle's surface will provide the ideal conditions for the tape to adhere securely.


How long before I can wash or wax the vehicle after installing pinstripes?

According to leading tape manufacturers, it is recommended to leave the tape in sunlight for at least 3 hours before proceeding to wash or wax the vehicle.  We recommend a day or so before light washing and a week for applying other surface products. (always make sure your products are safe for use on vinyl)


Can I install pinstripe over other pinstripe?

The optimal time to install additional colors on a pinstriping design is after the necessary areas of the tape have been trimmed and the top liner removed. Using a straight-edge razor or an exacto knife, an installer can carefully slice the tape around doors or panels with minimal pressure to avoid any damage to the vehicle's paint. Once the trimming is done, open the car door and wrap the remaining sections of tape over the panel or trim back 1/16" to complete the application. Additional colors of automotive pinstripe tape can be applied. A custom pinstriping design can be created by using various colors and sizes applied to the vehicle.


What is the best temperature to install vinyl pinstriping?

65 degrees Fahrenheit is considered optimal.  If your pinstripe design will have curved sections, it may be best applied from 70-75 degrees.  This will allow the material to be more soft and conformable.