Removing Those Old Auto Graphics And Decals

Removing Those Old Auto Graphics And Decals

Here at Stripeman, we're passionate about auto graphics, RV vinyl decals, boat stickers, and much more. However, we're not just your superstore for auto graphics, but we also strive to be a source of information and education for you. We find that a lot of our customers who are looking for new auto graphics, have old auto graphics already on their car. A lot of you ask us the best way to remove these old graphics, so we're here to lay it out in a blog post for everyone to see.

How long has your auto graphic or decal been on your vehicle?

It can be difficult to remove a vinyl decal or auto graphic if it's been left on longer than recommended.  If you're not careful you can cause damage to the finish and it can be very time consuming.

What type of vinyl was used?

Quality adhesive vinyl is removable as long as it's within the recommended time limits and approved for vehicle application. Cheaper vinyl or materials may use adhesives that were never intended for removal. If possible, perform a test by attempting to remove a small, unseen part of the vinyl or decal before taking on too much.

What condition is the sticker / decal in?

If it's scratched,damaged, or cracked, the decal is less likely to come off as a whole but rather come off in strips or parts. In this case, a stripe remover wheel may be necessary to grind off the old material. These work well but only on original paint.

How much adhesive is left after the decal is removed?

The lesser quality adhesives may not be designed for removal and may leave adhesive behind on your vehicle. Most solvents that DO NOT damage the finish of your vehicle don't actually do much in the way of removing adhesive. We recommend using a solvent specifically designed to remove decals from vehicles.  There are some citrus based products that are safe for your paint and the environment.