Vehicle Wrap FAQs

What exactly is a Vehicle Wrap?

In short, a Vehicle Wrap could be called a Peel-N-Stick paint job. Using up to 60" wide sheets of automotive grade vinyl, we completely cover, or "wrap" the paint. A Vehicle Wrap can completely change the color of your car, or even turn it into a mobile billboard.


How long will my Wrap last?

Up to 5 years, depending on UV exposure and given that it's taken care of properly. For example, a wrap in Miami, FL will be getting a lot more direct sun than a wrap in Canada.


How do I properly care for my wrap?

It's best to hand wash Vehicle Wraps with soap and water. If using a pressure washer, be sure to use it on a low pressure setting. Try to avoid most vehicle waxes, as this can drastically shorten the life of your wrap. However, we do recommend 303® Protectant Wax to extend the life of the wrap.


How long does it take to Wrap a vehicle?

Once the vehicle is prepped and ready to go, it generally take 1-2 days to wrap it, depending on the size and detail of the vehicle.


Smaller vehicles are easier to Wrap, right?

Wrong. Even though smaller vehicles require less vinyl, they tend to have greater body detail which, in turn, makes wrapping them more time consuming and tedious. For example, a 30' box truck is ten times easier to wrap than a VW Beetle. Lucky for you, we do it all!


Will the Wrap damage my paint job?

Nope. If it's an OEM paint job, it'll be just fine. In fact, the Wrap will protect the paint. They make car covers to protect the vehicle, right? Well there you go!


Can you Wrap the windows too?

For windows, we use a perforated window vinyl that is printable. That way you can see out while still having the wrap design continue across the windows.